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NGI is a property investment company that sources a wide range of property including Bank owned distressed properties and high yield properties such as residential & commercial properties for people looking for income producing investments.

Are you considering investing in the Nigerian Real Estate sector? Norris Greene Investment Services can help you invest securely and profitably in the most appropriate residential or commercial property for your circumstances. We help you with the ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ to buy.

Our Process

We use our proven investment process to help you succeed in Real Estate Investing:

1. Financial plan – We will work with financial advisors to help you
determine whether investing directly in property fits your overall
investment strategy.
2. Property market research – We conduct continuous research on
Nigeria’s Real Estate markets. Our property researchers will review
investment grade properties to determine if they meet your needs.
3. Investment property selection – We will recommend an appropriate
investment grade property once we have identified properties that
meet your needs. We will provide you with all the relevant
information that you may require to make an informed investment decision.
4. Pre-purchase due diligence – Once you signify your interest and before the purchase occurs, we engage trusted & reliable 3rd parties within our partners network (lawyers, Quantity Surveyors, contractors etc) to carry our thorough due diligence on all aspects of the property including:
* Title history & ownership;
* Structural integrity;
* Valuation;
* Renovation Costs
* Outstanding payments & fees
5. Property price – Paying the right price for a property is key to our
investment success. Based on our research, including market
conditions, we will know what is a fair market value and
will look to achieve the best possible price for you on the purchase.
6. Property Renovation & Management – It is important your investment property is well renovated and managed in order to generating market competitive rental returns or appreciable resale value. Because we have extensive knowledge of the areas we are investing, we can ensure your investment property is renovated and managed by quality & experienced partners.
7. Ongoing service – We provide ongoing service to help you improve the
returns on your investment and make sure that you have the right
industry professionals on your team. This may include annual reviews
of your investment properties in relation to your circumstances and

We can provide a professional investment advisory service across Nigeria.

Our team provide outstanding value to our clients with a premium service
at below average industry cost. We are devoted to saving investors money through affordable fees without compromising on professionalism or our standard of service.

Some current opportunities are:

* Bank owned distressed properties;
* Uncompleted multi-unit estate developments;                                                          * Residential & Commercial properties in prime locations;
* High quality house and land packages;

We are sourcing new opportunities all of the time. Contact us or sign up
to our newsletter to monthly receive updates.

how can we help you?

Contact us on +234 (0) 805 125 7200 or submit a business inquiry online.

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