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Norris Greene Comm. LtdReal Estate Sales & Marketing Solutions

Norris Greene Communications Ltd (NGC) provides specialist property sales & marketing services to Property owners, estate developers and estate agencies across Nigeria.

At NGC, we believe creating a successful marketing plan, or sales strategy for any property comes down to five essential elements, which when correctly balanced will result in a property sale for the highest possible price and with the fewest days on market: Location + Market + Terms + Condition + Competitive Position = Sale

Our Sales & Marketing Services

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You deserve confidence in the long-term value of your project through open communication, full transparency and an enduring dedication to quality construction and design.


1. Website Marketing:

The internet has become a convenient search resource for Real Estate buyers across Nigeria. On the web, the interface is a significant part of a brand as potential clients will learn more about your offer through your website. We help you develop a dedicated website that will showcase your properties on offer while enhancing your brand.

2. Social Media Marketing: (LinkedIn, Facebook & Youtube)

Social networking is a great way to interact with potential customers, share news and promote your offer. For both residential and commercial real estate marketing, LinkedIn is the perfect platform. LinkedIn’s professional audience has 2x the buying power of the average web audience, and four out of five LinkedIn members drive business decisions. We help you connect with them through LinkedIn advertising. We help you take advantage of this incredibly targeted way to put your message in front of key decision makers today. We also help use facebook and Youtube for target potential buyers for your properties.

3. Pay-Per-Click Marketing (Online):

Pay per click is where you post ads online and pay for each click on those ads. The main services for pay per click are Google’s Adwords and Bing Ads. This is a great way to start generating leads for your website immediately. With Adwords and Bing ads, you pay money to have your ads displayed in the search results. With our deep knowledge of the use of keywords, we can have your ads displayed above all other organic search results. Think about how awesome this is!

4. Email Marketing (Database):

We can help you setup a mailing list that can significantly expand your leads, enhance your book of business, client listings and increase monthly sales completed ratios. Watch your sales rapport with potential clients soar, as you become the agency in the know regarding real estate related information and more.


5. Billboard Adverts:

We will carefully guide you through every step of the process, so you can avoid all the pitfalls, and get maximum value out of your outdoor advertising budget. Our full lineup of top-notch services will ensure that you get exactly what you need, and allow you to focus on what you do best, instead of dealing with the headaches of the advertising industry.

6. Print Adverts:

Homes & Lands is our unique marketing solution. A monthly real estate listings publication that harnesses the power of print to target specific high networth individuals who are more difficult to reach within the Nigerian population.  We can also help you advertise on other print magazines and newspapers. From the design stage to the messaging and measurements, we can help!

7. Niche & Referral Marketing:

Real estate referrals occur when another real estate professional, a former client, or a referral company recommends your services (or property) to someone looking to buy or sell a property. Maximize your productivity by both actively generating leads and having passive leads gathered while you sleep. Real estate referrals are the best leads, no matter what the stage of your career. People are more likely to trust who their friends and acquaintances recommend, but they’re not the only lead generation source.


8. Dedicated & Trained Sales Team:

Making sure you understand it all.

Duration: How long? We pride ourselves on only taking on what we can handle.

how can we help you?

Contact us on +234 (0) 805 125 7200 or submit a business inquiry online.

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