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Driven by a full service, in-house team of professionals in acquisition, architecture, interior design, and construction, Avant Garde is well positioned to handle your project.

From layout reconfiguration and interior design, to zoning analysis and construction management, Norris Greene Renovations provides peace of mind and bespoke renovation and construction services through a diverse team of in-house professionals.

Our Process

You deserve confidence in the long-term value of your project through open communication, full transparency and an enduring dedication to quality construction and design.

1. Initial Consultation: We start with a friendly meeting at your property to tour the space, identifying your:

  • Needs
  • Expectations
  • Limitations
  • How your property is working (and how it’s not)

2. Projections & Budgetting: How much and how long?

How much? The project budget is based on several factors including the full scope of the renovation and the finishes that are chosen; we work with you to understand your priorities and get the most for your hard-earned money.

3. Pre-Renovation Phase: Working with your designer or directly with us, we determine our end result, fully planning the space. Next we:

  • Measure everything
  • Fully scope the work
  • Make any adjustments to the budget and timeline
  • Pull any permits
  • Order materials
  • Schedule a start date

4. Renovation Phase: With ongoing communication and check-ins throughout, we ensure

  • Site preparation & demolition
  • Framing & drywall
  • Ensure safety for everyone involved
  • Complete all the ‘behind the walls work’
  • Consult other 3rd party contractors engaged on the job.

5. Finishing: The fun stuff.

  • Paint, flooring, screeding
  • Install furniture work
  • Appliances, lighting & fixtures

6. Completion Phase: Making sure you understand it all.

  • Walk you through and touch-ups
  • Showing you how it was done
  • Ensuring you know how it works
  • Follow-up (and social) visits

Duration: How long? We pride ourselves on only taking on what we can handle. We would rather take on fewer projects so that we can finish them all in a reasonable time frame and give each project the attention it deserves.

how can we help you?

Contact us on +234 (0) 805 125 7200 or submit a business inquiry online.

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